Help us keep New Zealand green. Let’s travel together!

Everyone likes the convenience of travelling by car, but our freedom to use our own transport comes at a cost. The more cars on the road, the greater the cost to the environment and our health – everybody benefits if there are fewer cars on the road!

So what alternatives are there for getting around?

Electric vehicles are still very much in the minority, most short journeys can be done on foot, cycle or by bus. The bus beats the car if you don’t feel like exercising or have heavy bags to carry. In fact, there are many reasons to explain why taking the bus is better than taking the car.

Why is taking the bus better than taking the car?

Breathe easy.

Cars are a major contributor to pollution, causing thousands of premature deaths and illnesses every year. Catch the bus instead of driving, and you’re helping to reduce the emissions caused by pollution from burning fossil fuels.

Free up the roads.

Traveling by bus can help alleviate the pressure on the roads. Buses can carry up to 50 passengers; since most passengers are travelling alone or with only one other person, that bus could replace around 30 – 40 cars on the road. Imagine the traffic with all those cars!

Bus journeys are more relaxing.

When you’re driving, you have to constantly be on the alert. City journeys can often be particularly stressful, considering the crowds and other traffic. Sit on a bus instead, and you can read the newspaper, listen to music, chat to your friend, gaze out of the window – it’s a much more relaxing way to reach your destination and take in the scenery along the way!

Get social!

Touring via bus is a great way to meet like-minded travellers, who are up for an adventure and ready to explore New Zealand together. You can trust our friendly Guides to share all the secret gems New Zealand has to offer and make sure you have the ultimate touring experience.

Help us keep NZ green

So will you switch to the bus with us?

It can take a shift in our personal perceptions to appreciate why the bus is better than the car. We’re used to having the convenience of jumping into our own vehicle whenever we want to go somewhere, and there’s no denying that for people who live in more rural areas a car is often the only practical option. But if you have a choice, the bus is by far a more socially and environmentally responsible option.